Social Media

Social Media is the online conversation, and sharing of content & media between people across a range of platforms and networks. People are now using these ever frequently to connect to one another and share information, opinions and insights… and that can be utilised in marketing to promote brands, product & services.

There’s a great skill in being able to successfully build brand awareness through your various channels, open conversations with your customers, and monitor your company brand and be quick to address customer concerns.Contact Me today to discuss your Social Media needs.

  • Social Media Marketing

    The main goal of Social Media Marketing is to build a company’s customer base to reinforce the brand, sharing content and driving traffic back to the website. Businesses today are now reaping the benefits of Social Media and the new ways of Inbound Marketing using the Internet. From Facebook Pages, Google Plus, Twitter, to Pinterest. There’s an ever-growing number of Social Media channels to take advantage of, and use to promote your business, building a following and connecting with your customers. Contact me to get advice on which networks you should be on and put your energy into

  • Social Media Management

    I can recommend some of the best tools and tactics to help you manage your Social Media profiles, suggest methods of where to source good relevant content in line with your target audience and the best ways to post online. I can show you how to build a substantial following / fanbase which will give you an online community engaged with your brand who you can then market to effectively.

  • Social Media Optimization

    Having a well-optimized profile can make all the difference of being found, and also converting visitors. Social profiles on Websites like LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook etc. appear in search results and these profiles can be optimized for the best possible visibility.

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