SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and is the process of optimizing a website to gain a better standing in ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ Search Engine Results (SERPS), drive traffic and appear in results for chosen search terms above your competitors. This means looking carefully at the target market and competitor’s websites, Keyword Research to ascertain how much traffic certain search terms bring in, and then optimizing your website to improve the sites rankings and overall visibility.

I create a bespoke SEO plan for every client based on their Internet marketing needs. SEO Campaigns typically run for a minimum of 6 months, in which time you will see proven results. Contact me today to discuss SEO for your website.

The first stage is often to audit your existing Website for any outstanding issues. Sometimes there can be problems that prevent your site being indexed correctly and appearing in search engines. You may then wish to progress to a full SEO Campaign to improve and measure results and/or SEO & Inbound Marketing Consulting for continued support.

  • SEO Audit

    Technical SEO audit of your website to determine current standing in search engines and any issues with your site to understand why your website might be under-performing, and to determine which areas need attention. Examining the code, site architecture, link structure, etc. to highlight any errors and inform you of solutions to help make your site perform better.

    Full site crawl for errors, includes checking for duplicate content, title, meta tags, keyword density, visibility in search engines, number of pages crawled, server responses, social visibility and optimization, etc. as well as initial industry keyword & brand research.

  • SEO Campaign (retainer)

    I offer advanced technical SEO support, keyword and content strategy, improved website architecture, and careful tracking and reporting on your goals.

    It’s best if you have your own designers/developers, content creators, social media manager, and even active link building, PR, other form of marketing. I am then able to solve the SEO part of Inbound Marketing by developing a strategy to improve your visibility in search – and then set about implementing it… all the while measuring, tracking and reporting on the improvements.

    Bespoke campaign: Detailed keyword research, competitor analysis and tracking with monthly reporting. On-site optimization, technical fixes, coupled with off-site link building strategies and link monitoring. Content Marketing strategy development and optimisation.

  • SEO projects (flat rate)

    Project based SEO services for Website redesigns / migrations, code cleaning, site architecture planning, keyword research, technical fixes, etc. I can provide these SEO services as a one-time project and will quote you a flat rate fee based upon your needs.